A Day Off The Ship.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the fabric market. A lot of people on the ship buy fabric and then have a local tailor come make clothes for them. The fabric is fairly cheap and apparently the tailor makes the clothes for a great price. So after eating lunch and enjoying the sun … Continue reading A Day Off The Ship.

Church in the Ward

It’s Sunday afternoon here in Benin and I get to work allllll day long : ) I was a little bit disappointed to find out that I had to work on Sunday because I was really looking forward to attending a local church service with one of the day workers. But, as usual, God’s plans … Continue reading Church in the Ward

The New Girl

After saying “good bye” to my parents, I strolled through the airport in Paris and sat down at gate C87. I sat by myself for a good 10 minutes, then a nurse from Norway named Gry introduced herself to me…soon after that a dentist from Germany named Marco came to join us and then a … Continue reading The New Girl