Lasting Effects

6 thoughts on “Lasting Effects”

  1. Chelsea,

    We were honored to have you as a Volunteer on board the Africa Mercy. You also made an impact on those that you served with in Mercy Ships and we are thrilled that your memories are now a firm foundation for your future. We hope you decide to come back and serve with us again! Please spread the word about our mission of hope as we can't do it without wonderful people like you!

    – Sam Smith
    CEO Mercy Ships

    P.S. We would love to have a copy of that English paper! We love those Mangos! 🙂


  2. So proud of Chels….and we've known you since you were 4!

    You and many in your circle of friends have glorified Christ in many different schools, countries, ministries etc.! Go get em, Class of 2009!


  3. Great post Chels. I am glad you can look back on your time with good memories and you can see all you have learned. I should sit down and write all the things I have learned in Mercy Ships, it would defiantly be a long list. Oh and by the way you can get in contact with Sam at in case he doesn't reply to you.


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