First Day In Scrubs : )

2 thoughts on “First Day In Scrubs : )”

  1. I can't do it, ah-ah-onn myyy-i-i oh-oo-own. No i-i know; I'm no superman.
    I'm no superman.

    That's what I was singing the entire time I was putting on my The Todd costume, you'd probably be doing the same if you didn't have to memorize three manuals haha.

    So awesome that you get to do that though. From cafeteria lady to the OR, you are really moving up in the world.

    Love and miss choo, Smelsea Butz!


  2. haha the scrubs theme song! At first I was so confused at what you were writing. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this is Trevor (Tre Leans=french name?) due to you calling me “Smelsea Butz”?

    If that's the case, love you and miss choo too! If it's not Trevor…well then I'm officially confused and need help figuring out who this is…but either way, the Todd costume sounds awesome : )


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