The Big Market

3 thoughts on “The Big Market”

  1. Hi Chels: Wow, how exciting. I think I'm with Bonny Jean on this one though. Nothing like making us all a bit nervous, especially your dad.Seems like a good idea to always have a few good guy friends with you when venturing out into the dark corners of the world. Give Ram a hug and a big thanks from me. God's protection reaches everywhere but so should the godly wisdom and counsel of good friends. I have 100 cheap but colorful scarves waiting for you here. No need to go back to Scarfville – alone. Love ya, Dad


  2. Hey Chelsea – Sorry I have not written in a while. But I have been reading your blog every day. I am so excited about your new position on the ship – I have been praying for a change because you have soooo much to offer and it needs to be spread around 🙂 I agree with your dad that new energy always comes when offered a different direction. Also, good job Ram!!! Love you lots – Aunt Cindy


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