Getting Visas

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  1. Hey Chelsea: Noticed that you are going to Ghana. Nick Ricci is there. His blog is
    Here is his address.

    I am writing this note on the eve of my departure for Princeton. I am nothing but excited and primed to spend four fun-filled, informative days in Princeton. However, as I look forward to my imminent departure for Ghana on Sunday I am struck with a much broader mix of emotions: uncertainty, enthusiasm, eagerness, nervousness, a sense of purpose, and vim. I suppose there is one easy word to sum this all up: bittersweet. In many ways I am moving from the known to the unknown. However, as I set out to leave my own metaphorical cuckoo's nest, I depart with confidence and fearlessness because I know that I have the love and support of my family and friends at home. This is why I will write often, and have made it a chief goal of mine to stay close to you all – my best friends. Below I am including my two addresses that you can write to me at during my sojourn in Ghana:

    For the first four and a half months I will be staying in Accra, the capital city. While there, I can receive letters at:

    Nicholas Amedio Ricci

    c/o SIT Study Abroad
    Institute of African Studies (Affiliate)
    University of Ghana
    P.O. Box 73
    Legon, Ghana

    Around mid-January I will be located to a village near Kumasi (Ghana's 2nd largest city). During the second half of my stay I can be reached at:

    Nicholas Amedio Ricci
    c/o Yaw Gyamfi
    P.O. Box OA 16
    Ashanti Region
    Ghana, West Africa

    I checked USPS and sending postcards or letters in normally-sized envelopes to Ghana costs $0.98 while sending oddly-shaped (square, shorter, etc.) usually costs $1.18 as long as it is not a big packet and is still flat.

    Please, write me! I WILL write back!

    I will try to update this blog as much as possible. I am not bringing a laptop, so I hope to gain access to a public computer in an internet cafe as every few weeks or so. Since I will be using a public computer, I am not sure if I will be able or allowed to upload my personal photos to the digital processing device. However, I will try my best. I expect to undergo some pretty unique and interesting experiences and hope to capture some of them on photo. I am by no means a genius, but as a “young, southern poindexter budding with curiosity” I know this much to be true: Expect the Unexpected…

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