Live Surgery!

5 thoughts on “Live Surgery!”

  1. WOW Chels!! What an amazing privilege you were allowed to experience! I have to say, I know you always enjoyed watching surgeries on TV, but wasn't sure you'd be OK in real life! How great – I'm SO excited for you!!


  2. hahha i saw the scrubs picture on facebook and thought that you were already helping out with surgeries like handing the surgeon stuff (i guess surgeon assistant). Glad you liked it (i would have probably fainted) and i'm happy for you chels!!! Love all the stories makes me laugh and wish i could be apart of it with you


  3. wow……amazing! what neat experiences! and how proud i am of you for not fainting! 😉 i used to work for a plastic surgeon and assist in small surgeries…got a little “woozy” the first time i watched but after that i thought it was so cool! keep the stories coming! neat to be able to hear what you are doing and the neat things God is doing in your life! 🙂 love you! “tante ea”


  4. And you say you couldn't be a nurse…pshhh. If you could handle these surgeries, you can handle anything. :] It's good that you didn't see too much blood, though…I hope you get to do it again.


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