Mercy Ministry

4 thoughts on “Mercy Ministry”

  1. Hi Chelsea! 🙂 I'm amazed at all your experiences…and you have only just begun! How exciting! I'm sure there are times when you miss your mom and dad…will be praying that God encourages you and comforts you when those sad moments come. BUT…be pumped!!! — You are just where God wants you to be….and He'll see you through! Thanks for the updates!
    Love, “Tante Ea” 😉


  2. Hey – I am loving all your stories!! By the end of this adventure you will have a book to publish. 🙂 Every week you get to see something new and very interesting . . . it seems like the time would go by quickly – does it? You are on my mind often . . . Love, Aunt Cindy (good to know that you have more aunts close by)


  3. Andrea: Hey! there are definitely times when I miss my mom and dad. But I get to talk to them on the phone at least once a week which is REALLY nice. haha I am still pumped & looking forward to the hard times cause hopefully they will make me grow : )

    Cindy: People from the Mercy Ship have actually tried to publish blogs into books! Hmmmm we'll see what I end up doing. And there is nothing like a real aunt, but for now it's nice having some pretend ones around.




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