Church in the Ward

2 thoughts on “Church in the Ward”

  1. Hi – Sounds like a very interesting weekend. We went to visit grandma. I tried to help her with the blog but it will be easier for her to write you through your email. She can read your blog but cannot post comments because of her dial up internet. If it is OK with you I will copy and paste the comments for her to read. She loves hearing what you have to say.

    How is the shower time coming? Now I am wondering how will you ever shave your legs?!? haha

    It sounds like you are making some great new friends. How many roommates do you actually have?

    Love You! Aunt Cindy


  2. yep no problem, g'ma and I already have everything figured out through e-mail : )

    haha I'm missing being able to go through a whole shower without having to turn the water off. And I manage to shave my legs with a cup of water…you should try that one!

    I've got 6 roommates and have room for 1 more. They are all from different countries besides the girl from Georgia, USA. It's so cool to hear all of their accents & I'm still getting used to all of them.


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