Some Fun…Then A Whole Lot Of Hard Work

5 thoughts on “Some Fun…Then A Whole Lot Of Hard Work”

  1. Chels:
    Loved reading the blog again today. I am now a follower of yours (always have been actually). Great stuff happening there and we are so excited to hear about it. Thanks for writing. Miss ya, love ya,


  2. dear chels aunt cindy and i are reading the blog i was not sure i could get it but by going thru e mail and clicking on the site i can get it. so thankful to be able to keep track of you and the cool guys. of couse this will be my main job , so advise everyone that you need to report to your phx grandmother re any cool guys. do you get any e mails or blogs from the west point guy. not sure of his name. i know your grandpa is soo proud of you as we all are and i think they know the good stuff when you are in heaven but not the bad as there are no tears. love and prays g ma


  3. It's great to hear from all of you, I'm missing you lots!

    G'ma: By the west point guy do you mean the Navy guy? And of course I will keep you updated on all the guy stuff…I'll let them know that they have to go through you to get to me : ) haha.

    love you all!



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