The New Girl

4 thoughts on “The New Girl”

  1. WOW . . . What a great start to an adventure of a lifetime!! I attempted to do the “quick” shower and decided I would have to shave my head to make it work :o) Are we allowed to send you care packages? Any rules with that? Thinking about you. Love, Aunt Cindy


  2. haha yep the two minute shower is still tough, hopefully I won't end up having to shave my head : ) And you can definitely send me care packages! The only thing is that once the package gets here I have to pay 36 cents per ounce over the typical weight of a letter…so try not to send anything too heavy or else it ends up costing more to receive it : / But I would love to get letters whenever you get a change to write! They get mail here about two times a month. Here's my address to the ship (it goes thru Texas):

    Chelsea Leander
    Mercy Ships
    M/V Africa Mercy-Dining Room Staff
    PO Box 2020, Lindale, TX
    75711-2020, USA

    Thanks so much, love you & miss you!


  3. Hey Chels – That is great news! I will for sure send you cards anfd letters. Does your ship travel outside the port or do you stay stationed the whole time? I am anxious to hear what you are doing and how your time has been so far. Since you haven't written on the blog lately I am guessing you are very busy and alittle or alot tired. Love You Too!! Aunt Cindy


  4. I'll definitely be looking forward to your letters : ) We stay in port for months at a time because they have to go through the screening process, surgeries & then get everyone well enough to live again on their own. I'll let you know when we move ports…the next one should be sometime in December and we are going to the Canary Islands to get supplies!

    love you & I'm about to write the next update,



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